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My mom made Egusi Soup the other day — along with okra, bitter leaf, okazi, and nsala soup. Why she decided to make five different soups? I don’t know. My mother just enjoys cooking, I guess (and she also enjoys dragging me and my sister with her into the kitchen to perspire over the strenous-ness that comes with preparing each meal.) <___<
The whole grinding and mixing and cutting and picking ….. yeah, very tiring.
Stock fish & turkey & snail and *mouth watering uncontrollably* :P’ 
Sometimes I just wanna forget about eating the fufu and just dive into picking @ the different meats. :3

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    Dude, you always make at least 3 different soups. Variety.
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    omg so hungry right now! Beko yem egusi O!!!
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    this is so beautiful…
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    This soup looks incredible… My mother does the same thing. She drags me and my sister into the kitchen to cook for the...
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    fuck the fufu , that shit STINKS … iyan ALL the way lmao.
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